You own a driver’s license, but

  • You are scared to drive on the motorway

  • You are hesitant when parking your car

  • You are scared when you overtake and change lanes

  • You don’t understand the green arrows next to traffic lights

  • You are confused when to give way 

  • you are new to driving on the right side of the road and need a booster course on german road laws

This training, specifically designed for drivers like you, will help!

A highly experienced driving instructor will help you approach driving without stress.


Quiny is friendly, relaxed, and encouraging at all times. As someone who had never even cycled since the age of three, I never thought I’d develop any road awareness, but Quiny let’s you do what you need to do (while helping... and keeping ten eyes on the mirrors). And when I didn’t feel so confident on the motorway, she knew what to do, and fixed it. Quiny’s fantastic!!!
— Euan